5 Tips for Choosing a Leasing Management Service in Boulder, CO

5 Tips for Choosing a Leasing Management Service in Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO, is emerging as the 'Mountain Silicon Valley' with a thriving luxury housing market. This presents a prime opportunity for real estate investors looking to expand their rental portfolios. Owning luxury rental property can generate significant monthly rental income.

As your property portfolio grows, you will need assistance managing it. Hiring a Boulder leasing management service is the answer. Look for these qualities when considering local services to hire.

1. Experience

Look for a property manager that has experience in the local market. They need to understand current Boulder home pricing and trends. Ask potential leasing managers about their Boulder, CO, market knowledge.

Ask property managers in Boulder about how long they have managed rentals. This will help assess their experience with property management.

In addition, ask them how many properties they currently manage. This can give you an indication of their current workload. A leasing management service with a heavy client property portfolio will have limited time to manage your property.

2. Communication

Ask the leasing service what their preferred method of communication is. One communication method isn't inherently better than another. Instead, you need to find a Boulder property manager whose preferred communication method matches yours.

If you prefer phone calls and your leasing manager likes to email, this can create frustration between the two of you.

One useful communication method is to have an online portal. A leasing management service may have this as a part of its service. Similar to a tenant portal, you, as the landlord, can log into your portal and see the status of your rentals.

3. Services Offered

When hiring leasing management in Boulder, the company you hire needs to provide the services you need. Some will offer a select few, while others will provide a full suite of services.

A leasing service that offers more is more likely to grow with you. Typical services include marketing, tenant screening, and lease management.

4. Budget

The property management service you hire needs to be one you can afford. This does not mean making your selection solely based on price. Instead, look for the best leasing management service you can find that is also within your budget.

5. Reputation

Ask for references when considering Boulder real estate managers. Speaking with former and current clients can give you a better idea of how the leasing service operates.

Another option is to read reviews online. This can give you an unfiltered look into client experiences.

You could also speak with local real estate industry professionals. This will give you a good idea of their professional reputation.

Hire a Leasing Management Service

When you hire a leasing management service, you take most of the workload off your shoulders. Look for a company that offers the services you need, communicates well, has experience, and is within your budget.

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