Turnkey Property Management: Real Estate Investment Made Easy

Turnkey Property Management: Real Estate Investment Made Easy

Predictable passive income cash flow, high returns, and reliable tangible investments are all reasons that the real estate market is thriving. As a landlord, you can take advantage of these benefits by buying and renting out in-demand properties in Boulder, CO.

Here, we're going to talk about turnkey property management, what it is, and how these services can help you make the most out of your income. Read on for some tips on enhancing your real estate portfolio and standing out in a competitive market.

What Is Turnkey Property Management?

A "turnkey property" is one that's ready to be rented out immediately after purchase. This means that it's in good shape and has usually recently been renovated. Often, these ready-to-rent properties are the result of house flipping.

While turnkey properties usually cost more than those that require some revamping, they're usually worth the extra upfront cost. You don't need to worry about months of vacancy that cost you a lot of passive income potential.

Services Offered

A turnkey property management company is a third party you hire to help you rent out your investment ASAP. These experts offer tons of services to Boulder landlords, including:

  • Tenant screening services
  • Lease drafting and management
  • Storing essential information about tenants
  • Contending with maintenance requests
  • Communicating quickly with renters
  • Managing emergency maintenance and repairs
  • Dealing with rent collection

Investment property managers also have pre-existing contracts with reputable maintenance and cleaning teams. You won't need to worry about forging your own connections and potentially hiring someone with low-quality services.

The Benefits of Investment Property Managers

There are tons of reasons to hire turnkey property management services in Boulder, Colorado. The first is that you'll always have someone to deal with the nitty-gritty of property management.

Drafting up a lease can be almost impossible for landlords who don't know all the necessary legal technicalities. Negotiating leases and dealing with problems is challenging when you don't have a lot of experience. You likely don't have the appropriate tools for tenant screening and rent collection, which can get you bad tenants and lose you money.

Property management experts have a lot of experience with these things!

This is critical for managing landlord stress and feeling as though your investment is worth the strife.

When you work with good property managers, you also will have access to an all-in-one dashboard. The front-end tenant portal will be the renters' one-stop shop for maintenance requests and rent payments. This, along with easy-to-organize backend features, makes organization easy for landlords.

Get Property Management Services in Boulder, Colorado

Now that you know how turnkey property management can help you make the most of your real estate investment, it's time to get started. PMI Flatirons Group is committed to offering a wide range of services to landlords including lease management, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and cleaning, and beyond.

Our aim is to maximize your passive income potential so you can grow your real estate portfolio with little stress. Request a free rental analysis today to learn how much you can make from your Boulder, Colorado investment.